Ausspin Lures

AusSpin’s comprehensive range of products have been proudly designed and developed by the AusSpin Team in conjunction with a select group of experienced Australian anglers.

Using input out in the field and listening to anglers all over our country, we have been able to extensively develop our range of products. We are therefore able to offer lure fishermen many innovative and unique items that anglers know will be the most suitable for our tough fishing conditions.

The AusSpin team also work closely with a select group of tournament anglers around the country and welcome development suggestions from serious fishermen and our valued retail outlets.

We create high quality products and are able to present anglers with a super lure - equal to the best available on the market.
  • Handcrafted lures
  • Quality Mustad hooks
  • Jewellery finish spinner blades and fittings
  • Fish attracting enzymes embedded in silicone skirting material