We have been asked for some time now by our league of valued freshwater Cod and Yella fishers to make an extra large in-line spinner. So now here she is, the CodSpin!

CodSpin Weedless Fishing Lure



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CodSpin – Weedless

Product Description

The CodSpin – Weedless

Key features

  • Extra-large In-line Spinner
  • Mustad UltraPoint 3/0 hook
  • 5″ Curl Tail Grub
  • 3/8 in weight

Featuring an oversized gold Colorado blade, this lures puts out a great deal of vibration and flash. There is no other big in-line spinner on the market that features a skirt and we’ve taken our CodSpin one step further and made her virtually weedless.

By fitting a Mustad UltraPoint 3/0 hook and rigging this hook with one of our 5″ Curl Tail Grubs, the CodSpin can be cast into the heaviest cover with confidence.

When rigged correctly, the weedless rigged soft plastic trailer on the CodSpin will give you virtually snag proof fishing in your favourite honey hole!

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