The Trout and Bass Series Mini Chatterbait is the Ultimate Swimming Jig!

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Mini ChatterBait

Product Description

The Mini ChatterBait

Key features

  • 3/16 weight
  • Silaflash Minnow tail soft plastic
  • Spare Silaflash Curl tail
  • Mustad UltraPoint hook
  • Snag resistant without a weed guard
  • Unbelievable vibration
  • Easy to cast
  • Top to bottom depth control

The Mini Chatterbait has the action of a crankbait, profile of a jig and flash of a spinnerbait! The intense vibrating action this lure emits on retrieval is due to water pressure pushing the blade rapidly back and forth (several times per second) on the jig’s eyelet.

Within seconds of seeing or feeling the action, fishermen realize this realistic motion is unmatched by any other lure on the market today.

It produces the type of erratic action that triggers the larger fish that have been conditioned to traditional lures with predictable movements. The Chatterbait is the Ultimate Swimming Jig!

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