We are excited to include the brilliantly designed Pro Assassinator Clacker Blade spinnerbait into our range!

Pro Assassinator Lure with Stinger Hook and Paddle Tail



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Pro Assassinator 1/2 oz

Product Description

The Pro Assassinator

Key features

  • 1/2 oz weight
  • Patented Clacker Blade system
  • Holographic painted head
  • 3D eyes
  • Sampo ball bearing swivels
  • Mustad hook
  • 44 strand silicone skirt

The patented wire design of this lure allows the Colorado blades to spin independently but occasionally cross each other making a ‘clacking’ noise. This momentarily stopping of the rotating blades offers an extremely erratic action not seen on conventional spinnerbaits.

Every spinnerbait angler knows how effective it is to bump your spinnerbait off sticks, logs and other cover to get that erratic, blade-stopping action, now you can have the same fish attracting action in open water.

These lures feature some of the finest attributes in the business including holographic painted heads and 3D eyes for realistic flash, Sampo ball bearing swivels, precision stamped gold plated polished Colorado blades, top quality silicon skirts, Mustad UltraPoint spinnerbait hooks and strong, break resistant wire.

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