The Reel Keel fishing lure is unique in design with its built in keel and aerodynamic body.

Reel Keel Solid Series fishing lures



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Reel Keel Solid Series

Product Description

The Reel Keel Solid Series

Key features

  • 1 1/2 oz weight
  • Double nickel plated brass
  • No wind resistance on cast

With its dynamic structure the Reel Keel can be trolled at slow or fast speeds and still maintain its patent side-to-side swimming and rolling motion. The keel itself is an impressive feature: able to boast superior flash in the most brackish waters and stabilize the lure so it will avoid spinning. The keel is embedded so the fish will never pull it free. A built in diving angle allows the Reel Keel to swim and roll.

The Reel Keel design allows it to cast like a bullet over long distances with pinpoint accuracy so the lure goes where you want it to go.

As there is no plastic lip the lure will not vibrate as it moves, it is virtually weightless. The only thing you will feel is the fish taking your lure! Hook set is immediate and there is no second guessing whether or not there’s a fish the end of your line. It’s body design makes it versatile so you can reel it in slowly or you can add a jerking motion to it to make it pop.

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