Swinging Drop Jig Heads, Swinging Hop Jig Heads and Heavy Duty Swinging Jig Heads



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Swingin’ Hop, Swingin’ Drop and Heavy Duty Swingin’ Range

Product Description

Swingin’ Drop Jig Heads

  • #2 hook suitable for 3 inch plastics
  • #1/0 hook suitable for 3″ and 4″ plastics
  • #3/0 hook suitable for 4″ and 5″ plastics
  • #5/0 hook suitable for 4″, 5″ and 6″ plastics
  • #8/0 hook suitable for 6″ to 9″ plastics

Now you can fish your favourite soft plastics ‘weedless’ with our innovative Swingin’ Drop Jig Heads!

Moulded on the brilliant Mustad Mega-Bite UltraPoint range of hooks, our Swingin’ Drop Jig Heads allows your ‘weedless’ rigged plastics to be dropped down through deep weedbeds and trees. They are ideal for targeting schooled fish in submerged timber.

Our unique ‘jointed’ head design gives your rigged plastics extra movement both on the retrieve and on the drop.

Rig all your favourite soft plastics such as T-tails, grubs, stickbaits, minnows, crawfish and creatures on this range of jig heads. Swingin’ Drop Jig Heads lets you fish places that other conventional jig heads won’t.

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