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Two-packs, containing one Gold blade and one Nickel blade.

Troll Attractors fishing lures



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Troll Attractors

Product Description

Troll Attractors

Key features

  • Quality stainless steel wires and components
  • One Gold attractor
  • One Nickel attractor

The Troll Attractor from AusSpin Lures has been designed to be used in front of virtually any lure as well as live baits. Simply tie your main line to the front loop in the wire and attach your favourite lure or rigged live bait onto the snap clip at the other end.

When either trolled or cast and retrieved the overall affect makes your lure or bait look as though it is chasing a smaller baitfish (the blade).

Available in three sizes, the small and medium sizes are best suited to light fresh and saltwater work. The large size has heavy duty hardware and better suited to medium work.

These two-packs contain both Gold and Nickel attractors.


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